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house rules

We have a handful of house rules designed to ensure the best arcade experience possible for all at Mystic Pinball. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

- Smoking, dipping, and/or drug use is not permitted inside the building

  or within 15′ of the Mystic Pinball entrance.

- No gum is permitted at Mystic Pinball.

- Good conduct is expected at all times. We reserve the right to remove any

  negative influences. We constantly record video of the arcade for your and

  our safety.

- Children under age 12 should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

- No outside food or drink of any kind is permitted to enter the arcade. All items consumed must have been purchased at Mystic Pinball with the exception of pre-arranged outside food items for private events.


- Please respect our machines by not leaning against them or placing personal items   on them. Pinball machines are finicky and many of our machines are old! Please let   us know immediately if any problems or breakdowns occur and we will gladly help.

- No loitering. Mystic Pinball is for active players only.

- Have Fun!

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